Why Children’s Academy?

At Children’s Academy we nurture the whole  child.

Our goals are threefold:

1) Prepare your child for the next step of his or her education.

2) Uphold good moral fiber by example and guidance.

3) Encourage the unique creativity in every child.

Our atmosphere is full of love and respect for each individual child’s needs. We consider teaching your child a privilege that is taken very seriously, as we cheer on honesty and uprightness.

At Children’s Academy we also emphasize patriotic love by celebrating American holidays with flag waving and songs that teach our children about our country’s past. Our philosophy also encompasses the richness of our society’s diversity which we embrace every day.

As an Academy we work with age-specific programs that are full of fun. We also encourage the children to reach their full potential with our enriched curriculum.

As a family-oriented school, we enjoy parent participation. We often see generations of the same family attending our school, as well as students from the past seek jobs with us.