Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

We sincerely appreciate all of the kind words from these Parent Reviews. We encourage you to read the Parent Reviews for Children’s Academy below. We are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents via e-mail or phone so you can get their feedback on what we believe is the top preschool around!

Incredible school, caring staff, strong curriculum.The staff are kind, caring, compassionate, and instill great values into each interaction with the children. Kids who experience education at Children’s Academy learn to be gracious, giving young people who care and reach out to their community. It is a “home” for the children and parents. Families are welcomed at all times. Open door policy for administrators is incredible– we are proud to be a part of the Children’s Academy family!

This school is the best I would recommend it to everyone that wants a home away from home feel for their kids. I am sad that this will be my daughters last year here. They love your child and the education is top notch.

My son simply loves this school. I would recommend this school to anyone!

The Ultimate Child Care Experience –There are so many reason to send your children to Children’s Academy I could write a book. Here are three that set them above all other child care places. A dance company comes and teaches the students at the center. At the end of the year they have a recital that involves several centers throughout Tampa and even St. Pete. As a parent volunteer I was emotional and so proud because our students were absolutely the most well behaved. They were respectful, considerate, and just energetic as they waited to dance. As we were waiting for the final to begin our group of 15 (ages 4 – 7) stood in line and began to sign “God Bless America” (a song in which they sing everyday starting as early as 18 months) and then continued right into their school song. I cry everytime I here them sing it. I have worked at a high school for the past 12 years and the students that identify themselves as children’s academy grads are always motivated and successful students. The field trips the students travel to are unique, academic, yet entertaining. I have heard from several different places that the students from Children’s Academy are more behaved yet motivated to learn than other child care places. Several of the staff at Children’s Academy have been there for years which says alot in the child care industry. You are missing out if you do not experience this kind of education for your child. Kristie C.

Highly Recommended!!! – To be completely honest with you, I love Children’s Academy & everything about it. Of coarse It wouldn’t be anything without the teachers which are the BEST! They care about the kids as if they are their own children. The new owners are super great. Children’s Academy was previously owned by Ms.Susana. She loved every single person that walked through the front door. She’s very caring & will always be remembered! I fell in love with the new owners just as fast as I did with Ms.Susana. They’re extremely nice & they don’t just see it as a child care, It’s like everyone’s FAMILY! I feel so comfortable taking my child there & knowing that she’s in great hands. If the slightest little concern happened I was notified IMMEDIATELY!!! They have extra activities for the children as well. My daughter fell in love with ballet. :)briannasmommy

I highly recommend Children’s Academy because It’s not just your ordinary “daycare”. It’s like leaving your kid(s) at Grandma’s/Grandpa’s house. It’s just comfortable. The best part Is you can come anytime and check up on your kid. I showed up several times a week to check up on her & It was amazing how well she did there. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Children’s Academy- My #1 Vote!!!

Still the Best Preschool in Town – Our family has been with Children’s Academy through the days with Ms. Susana and now with the new owners. Ms. Susana is a very special person who can never be replaced, but the school has maintained its tremendous level of care and high educational standards because of its AWESOME teachers. The teachers and my child feel very good about the new owners…and I do too.kbonnet

Our children attended CA for several years and we loved it. The Sterling’s are wonderful owners and the staff is great. We only left because our children were older. We totally recommend to anyone!!!