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Preschool Brandon – About Us

Friendly Staff At Preschool Brandon

You Won’t Find A Friendlier Staff

Children’s Academy is a TOP Rated and Nationally Accredited Program

Our atmosphere is full of love and respect for each individual child’s needs. We consider teaching your child a privilege that is taken very seriously, as we cheer on honesty and uprightness.

At Children’s Academy Brandon we also emphasize patriotic love by celebrating American holidays with flag waving and songs that teach our children about our country’s past. Our philosophy also encompasses the richness of our society’s diversity which we embrace every day.

Our goals are threefold:

1) Prepare your child for the next step of his or her education.

2) Uphold good moral fiber by example and guidance.

3) Encourage the unique creativity in every child.

At Children’s Academy We Nurture The Whole Child

As an Academy we work with age-specific programs that are full of fun. We also encourage the children to reach their full potential with our enriched curriculum.

Children’s Academy was founded in 1981 in Brandon, Florida. Our goal was threefold when we began: Prepare young children for the next step of his or her education; Uphold good moral fiber by example and guidance; and encourage the unique creativity in every child.

As a family-oriented school, we enjoy parent participation. We often see generations of the same family attending our school, as well as students from the past seek jobs with us.

Brandon Child Care Curriculum & Approach

Simply put, children learn best by doing – by exploring, playing and being “hands-on” learners. From creative art projects to a focus on phonics and math that makes learning to read and working with numbers fun, the preschool curriculum and activities at Children’s Academy is built for your enthusiastic learner.

Our curriculum is based upon a monthly theme that incorporates Language, Math, Science, Literacy skills, Social Studies, Fine Motor Skills/Handwriting, Cooking, Art, Music and Movement Activities.

Child Care Programs in Brandon Florida

We Love Watching Your Child Grow

A daily schedule is followed and balances teacher directed learning with Centers throughout each classroom that offer children a wide variety of choices and play experiences. Each activity is matched to the characteristic ages and stages of ability for the age group, as well as the individual child.

Children’s Academy recognizes the importance of building self-esteem at a very young age. We encourage a positive sense of self by using praise, encouraging independence and building on their skills. Manners are also encouraged in the classroom throughout the day.

Studying other countries and cultures is a part of our monthly preschool curriculum and activities. Pictures, posters and books are displayed throughout the classrooms. Circle time discussions are enhanced with “hands-on” art, games and cooking activities.

Infant Program Curriculum

The Infant Toddler Planning Guide has weekly and monthly themes, weekly focus vocabulary words, themed art projects and activities geared at developing both fine and gross motor skills. Other activities focus on good nutrition and building social and emotional skills. The Infant Toddler Planning Guide is supported by Hillsborough County School Readiness.

Two Year Olds Curriculum

To enrich our two year old program we use the Active Learning Curriculum to strengthen the growing toddler as he or she transitions into their early threes. Active Curriculum builds on self-awareness, self-confidence and building independence. AC also focuses on the importance of social and group skills, focus, attention and memory. AC introduces numeracy and basic math skills, literacy, the alphabet, creativity and an awareness of the environment and world around them.

Pre-K 3 Curriculum

Our Pre-K 3 program uses the Houghton-Mifflin Preschool 4.The Houghton-Mifflin stresses:Houghton Mifflin PRE-K is a hands-on, minds-on curriculum that is based on scientific research. Aligned with key Pre-K learning goals, it provides children with the foundational skills they need to succeed as lifelong learners.

VPK Curriculum

Our VPK program uses a blend of two strong curriculum. Both Adventures in Learning and Scott Foresman Reading Street emphasize our educational goals. Scott Foresman is designed to help teachers build readers through motivating and engaging literature with a wealth of teaching tools. Both curriculums differentiate instruction with a strong emphasis on monitoring and assessing frequently. Throughout the years, Hillsborough County has posted county wide VPK scores and consistently Children’s Academy has scored in the top of the county.


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