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Brandon Child Care – Academic Approach


Brandon Child Care Academic Approach

We offer A Unique Mission And Vision

We believe that children, their families and society all benefit from a high quality experience in the child’s early years; and there is a critical link between their childhood experiences and later successes in life.

Our teachers encourage the children to develop their individual interests and strengths through the purposeful utilization of diverse materials, experiences and environments.

We strive to integrate families and the community into our activities to fully engage all facets of childhood learning.


Children’s Academy is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment where the children’s potential can be fully realized. We achieve this by fulfilling not only the child’s basic needs, but also offering them the gifts of respect, acceptance and love.


  • For the children to feel safe and loved while at school
  • For the parents to have full confidence in the care and education of their children
  • To instill confidence in the children in order to promote their learning
  • For the children to be well-prepared for later schooling
  • For the children to positively contribute to their communities as youth and as adults


Built On The Foundation Of Family!

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