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Brandon Preschool Testimonials

We sincerely appreciate all of the kind words from these Parent Reviews. We encourage you to read the Parent Reviews for Children’s Academy below. We are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents via e-mail or phone so you can get their feedback on what we believe is the top preschool around!

The Ultimate Child Care Experience

There are so many reason to send your children to Children’s Academy I could write a book. Here are three that set them above all other child care places. A dance company comes and teaches the students at the center. At the end of the year they have a recital that involves several centers throughout Tampa and even St. Pete.

As a parent volunteer I was emotional and so proud because our students were absolutely the most well behaved. They were respectful, considerate, and just energetic as they waited to dance. As we were waiting for the final to begin our group of 15 (ages 4 – 7) stood in line and began to sign “God Bless America” (a song in which they sing everyday starting as early as 18 months) and then continued right into their school song.

I cry every time I here them sing it. I have worked at a high school for the past 12 years and the students that identify themselves as children’s academy grads are always motivated and successful students. The field trips the students travel to are unique, academic, yet entertaining.

I have heard from several different places that the students from Children’s Academy are more behaved yet motivated to learn than other child care places. Several of the staff at Children’s Academy have been there for years which says a lot in the child care industry. You are missing out if you do not experience this kind of education for your child.

— Kristie C.

Children’s Academy Is A Family Tradition

We have been coming to Children’s Academy since the early 80’s. Ms Susana was my teacher and also my sister’s kindergarten teacher. Now both of my children have been coming to Children’s Academy since 2011 under the new owners and we would not be anywhere else.

VPK and Kindergarten programs are excellent and they are teaching higher level curriculum. Ms Heather and Ms Chris really are outstanding and the most caring amazing teachers you will ever find. In fact, all of the Staff and teachers are amazing and we love this school and after care program.

They treat every child like family and always give the extra care and attention our children need. You will love this school, best in Brandon Area!!!

— Erin Smith

Supportive Environment And Culture

I was a parent at Children’s Academy for 10 years. All three of my children attended CA from infant/toddler to the after school care program. We felt like we were part of a close knit family. My oldest daughter is going into high school and her closest friends are still the friends she made at Children’s Academy in Preschool.

The parents are amazing and the overall climate and cultural were not only supportive to my children’s growth, but was a supportive environment for the whole family. Our children have excelled academically and we believe the foundation they received from Children’s played a part in their academic successes.

We were also thrilled with the social and emotional addition to their curriculum in 2014 and the school’s partnership with Program Wide Positive Support program through USF, this addition brought so much to the school and we loved how it added to our son’s social emotional growth! We love Mr. Baldwin and the whole CA family! Our years with Children’s were priceless and I wish we could do it all over again! Wonderful teachers, great curriculum, great friends = happy parents!

— Kat Boone

Strong Sense Of Community

I have loved Children’s Academy for many, many years now. I registered my oldest child before she was even born when Ms. Susanna, the original owner, was still there. Baldwin & Debbie Sterling had become the new owners by the time my daughter started attending.

I was ecstatic to know that the new owners believed in and have carried on the same education concept that the school was founded on and heralded for within the local community. Now my family has been a part of the Children’s Academy family for over 8 years, and the lessons in education, life, compassion, kindness, responsibility, friendship, creativity, passion, and imagination are forever with us all.

There is a strong sense of community and “giving back” present in everyday life at Children’s Academy, teaching our children to care about others and want to make our world a better place. The teachers are some of the most creative, talented, devoted, and loving educators you could ever meet.

Everyone at Children’s Academy strives to make each day the best day for each child. Simple activities like morning circle time, Kindness Awards, field trips, Artist of the Week, and daily “grace” repeated before meals really connect everyone who is a part of the Children’s Academy family and cannot be ignored. Blessed are those who attend Children’s Academy, for they shall thrive, grow, and be amazing individuals!

— Evelyn Mack

Much More Than Daycare

Children’s Academy is as close to family as you will get! Our son has attended Children’s Academy since just before he was 3 months old and now he is 3 years old. The staff is especially accommodating.

What we noticed most during our tour of the school was the owner, yes owner, sweeping and cleaning the hallway! The staff pretty much follows suit. Meaning, no one sits behind a desk all day without being active with the children. The atmosphere is that of a school and do NOT call it a daycare.

That is because there is a curriculum for the children beginning at one year old! The structure helped me be a better parent and with family 1,000 miles away in Michigan, we found the perfect next thing in the staff at Children’s Academy. The price, hours of operation and what you receive for the tuition is incomparable. It will be very hard to leave once my son gets out of Kindergarten. Luckily, we are expecting again so our journey at CA will last at least 5 more years!

— Kiesha Thomas

Incredible Parent Communication

Having a background in Early Childhood Education I searched extensively for an early care environment that enacted elements important to early learning (i.e. play, exploration, creativity, critical thinking) and took into account the needs and interests of the children. Children’s Academy is no short of this.

Every educator, including the leadership, at the school demonstrates a demeanor that shows how much they care about each child and have taken time to get to know them–whether the child is in that class or not. School leadership have a clear vision and mission for the school and work to support the staff in making this the best environment for both children and families.

Parent communication is frequent (notes home, online, social media) and the staff is always willing to talk more in depth as needed. Numerous opportunities for parent involvement exist as well as ways for students to engage in extracurricular activities on site. Overall I am beyond thankful that CA has been a part of our family.

— Jennifer Ward

This Place Feels Like Home

Children’s Academy has literally been like family to us for the last five years. I initially researched several schools and Children’s Academy was in my top two despite the fact that I lived in Apollo Beach. The other school I was interested was literally 5 minutes down the street.

However, despite the distance, my heart kept telling me that Children’s Academy was the place for my son. I loved that they had a curriculum for the kids and it wasn’t a daycare. I wanted my son to learn but also have fun! And also, given my son was coming from a home daycare, I was really hoping that I could find a place that would feel almost like home to him where he would be loved and nurtured. Well I received all that and more!

I can’t say enough good things about the owners, directors, and staff and the commitment that they have for the kids. And I have personally gotten attached to every single teacher and each time my son moved to another class I was just as sad as he was! My son went through the pre-school program, VPK, and even stayed for Kindergarten and I will be forever grateful for the love, kindness and support that they gave him. He’s now flourishing in a new school but still loves to come back and visit!

Children’s Academy also ended up being perfect because they had an infants room which I ended up needing just a year later. My daughter has been there since she was 4 ½ months old and though it was still hard to leave her, I have never felt more comfortable that my baby was being taken care of.

I loved having my kids at the same school and the staff would often share stories and pictures of the two of them interacting at school which always made my day. She’s 3 now and loves the school and the teachers! Choosing a school for your child can be stressful and isn’t always a great experience but I can honestly say that Children’s Academy has been amazing and I feel blessed to have found them!

— Latiera Henson


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