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Extra Curricular Activities

Children’s Academy Brandon offers a number of extra curricular activities for your child. These range from outdoor sports activities to stimulating indoor fun! See the list below for the current offerings at our school. We are always adapting and adding new programs, so be sure to check back often or Contact Us to get more information.

Brandon Preschool Extra Curricular Activities


We take advantage of the beautiful weather in Florida year-round. Soccer is one of the fastest growing activities in our area and many upper level schools offer full programs for higher age groups.

Get your child started learning the basics of one of the most popular games in the world. They will learn fundamentals of teamwork and fair play. They will also maintain an active body and mind with our program.

Our teachers guide your child through the sport and bring your child more motivation and confidence in the process.

Piano And Guitar

It is never too early to begin learning the basics of music and rhythm. Your child is already prone to learning through song at a young age, and we help capitalize on that effort with our piano and guitar activities.

These extra sessions of learning an instrument can institute a lifelong love of music. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument develops an area of the brain that otherwise remains undeveloped throughout life.

If your child is looking for a challenge that comes with a lot of fun, this is the program for them!

Tumble Bus

Tumble Bus is a national program providing gymnastics and fitness for children through colorful play inside a secure and safe bus. They bring the fun right to our academy, helping bring a unique and fun style of physical activity to the children.

Tumble Bus helps build self-esteem and motor development in kids as they accomplish physical skills in structured, non-competitive gymnastic classes. Keeping your child healthy and active helps them not only in the classroom, but everywhere in life.

Give your child the chance to laugh and play while keeping them sharp both physically and mentally.