Wonder, Explore and Learn

Remember the last time you looked at something in wonderment? It was something so unique and interesting that it stopped you in your tracks. We aim to create those moments of wonderment each day in our school activities and curriculum. It is wonderment that makes a child associate learning with fun and leads to a successful approach to school as they grow up.

You’ll find an amazing group of teachers and caregivers at Children’s Academy.  Each day they focus on

  • Provide loving care and exciting learning activities for your little one.
  • Develop collaborative relationships.
  • Explore environments, experiences, and activities that encourage curiosity and wonder.

We value who children are, celebrate their unique gifts, believe in their capabilities, encourage their interests, and honor their feelings and ideas.

Quite simply, we believe that Children’s Academy is the best preschool for what you want as a parent and what your child needs to grow and thrive. We believe that we are the best preschool in the Greater Brandon Area!

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